Places That Ohio Visitors Should Check Out


The first place that any Ohio visitor should go to is Columbus. Columbus is the capital of Ohio and was incorporated as a city in 1816, and wasn’t Ohio’s first capital. Columbus is a very populated city, being the 15th largest city with a population of 711,470, according to the 2000 census. There are three important museums in Columbus, which are the Columbus Museum of Art, the Ohio Historical Society, and the Center for Ohio Science and Industry. Being in the center of the state helped Columbus’s growth because they’re many rivers near where Columbus was built, and that was important back in the 1800’s because there weren’t many effective irrigation systems. There are many activities to take part in inside the wonderful city of Columbus, and a recommended location to visit.

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Cincinnati is a city that I have been to many times, and in my opinion, is a great place to visit because of the many places that you can go. A few of those places are the Cincinnati Zoo, New Port Aquarium, and Great American Ballpark. For all the sports fans out there, there are many sports teams in Cincinnati, such as the Cincinnati Reds (baseball), the Cincinnati Bengals (football), and the Cincinnati Bearcats (basketball). Cincinnati was founded in 1788, and incorporated in 1819. I have been to Great American Ballpark to watch the Cincinnati Reds play baseball many times before, and I enjoy whenever I get to go down there and watch a baseball game. I’ve also been to both the Cincinnati Zoo and New Port Aquarium, and enjoy both locations as well. I hope if you’re visiting Ohio, and go to Cincinnati, that you enjoy your time in this amazing city.

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Canton was founded in 1805, and functioned as a prominent manufacturing center. There’s a location that I’ve always wanted to visit in Canton, and that is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That is not the only good place to visit in Canton however, as there are many different popular locations in Canton, such as the Downtown Canton Arts District, and the National First Ladies Library. Although the city was founded in 1805, it wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1838. With a 2004 population of approximately 78,000 people, it’s not a small city, nor a big city, but still a great location to visit.

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    I have a friend who lives in Cincinnati and when I was there on holidays, we visited the zoo. Where I live in Australia, we don’t have a zoo and I love visiting them when I go to other places.

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